Oprah At the End of Best Life

If you’re not an Oprah fan and have missed her “Best Life Week” this week, you’ll have a chance to jump on the bandwagon next week as well.  There’s a financial management book by Suze Orman that anyone can use that was given out for free on Oprah’s show yesterday.  Oprah is trying to help everyone, including herself, go back to the discipline and resolve that the talk show czar once had.

Oprah has discussed her disappointment with herself and mild depression her trainer Bob Greene seems to feel she’s experienced as a result of falling off her fitness wagon.  He feels like she had lost her “zest for life” last year.  But, is Oprah really as bad off as she seems on her promo for the Best Life show?  Every time she’s shared her struggle with weight loss and imperfections about herself there’s a great advantage for her show because of it.  If she’s going to be overweight, she may as well call herself Rumpelstiltskin because nearly every vulnerability she’s willing to share and puts on her show spins into gold.  Check her out:

Also, for those of you that are familiar with Suze Orman and those of you who are not, her book "2009 Action Plan" can be downloaded from Oprah's web site for one week.  You can go to http://oprah.com/download to download a copy. The book will help you put your finances in order by taking baby steps into 2009.


-J.C. Brooks

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