Maggot Brain


I’m sure the Funkadelics when coming up with the name of their album, “Maggot Brain” didn’t know anything like this existed.  Back then, it probably didn’t.  But, according to doctors the problem lies in not washing your hands properly.  The fast food industry should take a major hit after this is widely reported because it is definitely an eye opener for those of us who love to stop by the fast food restaurant of choice.

A mother of four, who is also a soccer coach and PTA President, started experiencing flu-like symptoms that seemed to leave her lethargic, but could not be told what was wrong with her.  She had to get to the point where she could barely get out of bed before receiving an MRI that revealed the unthinkable…a tumor. But, this was no ordinary tumor as you will see.  If you’re eating, put it down.  If you’re eating something from a fast food restaurant or anything outside your own kitchen, throw it away.  Check it out:

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