Doctor Demands Kidney Transplant Reversed


Everyone is feeling the financial strain of the recession, yet we have become more resourceful than we’ve ever been.  Some people are picking up trash out of the street and recycling it for coins.  Others are making use of ebay by selling their things to the highest bidder.  But, now there is someone out there that wants to top everyone else.  He has the most interesting story of them all.

A doctor has been going through a divorce …. for four years.  Him and his estranged wife have ironed out the details over and over again, yet no settlement.  He claims that she won’t let him see his kids and he’s had enough.  She’s either going to give him 1.5 million in the settlement or she’s going to give up the kidney he donated to her in 2001. 

He said she even had an affair 18 months after he donated the kidney.  Now I don’t know about the feasibility of the judge awarding such a thing, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the “harvesting” option is about the only option he has.  You remember that e-mail that went around about people getting their organs stolen….usually kidneys.  Read here and tell me if you really think he wants the kidney or is it just the principle of the thing. 

-J.C. Brooks

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