Dishin’ Dirt on Ne-Yo, Tyler Perry, Jermaine Dupri and Lil’ Kim…

 What’s up Y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is on the cover of the February Essence looking all handsome and metrosexual.  In the interview the young media mogul talks about what it’s like to run the first black owned film studio, the “haters” and gossip blogs, his faith and the new woMAN in his life.  Make sure you check out next month’s Essence for the complete interview.

Tim and Daphne Reid

Side Bar-Shouts out to Tim Reid and Daphne Maxwell Reid!  Although they are not doing it as large as Tyler, they are African Americans and they own a film studio and have since 1997.  New Millennium Studios sits on 65 acres in Virginia and services the entertainment community through, film, music videos and television series.


Speaking of metrosexual men, why did Ne-Yo tell People Magazine that he has seen Young Jeezy naked?!  Of all things to tell the media he chose to tell them that.  According to the article, he said that he lives so close to Jeezy that he can see him NAKED!!  Hmmm…could you have said, “I live so close to Jeezy, I can see him cooking eggs in the morning?”  Okay Ne-Yo that comment now explains the purple-ish colored Range Rover you be rollin’ around in.  I’ll bet you wear a head scarf to bed too, don’t you?!


Side Bar– Hey Ne-Yo, since you got an up close and personal view of Jeezy naked, does he have big feet?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I’m just asking for journalistic purposes…

Biggie and Jamal


Faith Evans and Angela Bassett

Faith Evans and Voletta Wallace

Y’all the premiere for “Notorious” was Wednesday night in NYC and errrybody was there except for Lil’ Kim.  The entire Junior Mafia, Puffy, Mary J, Jay Z and Beyonce and errrrybody that was anybody was in the house.  Be sure to check it out next Friday.  Check your local theaters for show information.

Lil' Kim

Side Bar-Why is Kim actin’ all “Hollywood?”  Truth be told, her azz needed to be all up in there ‘cause it ain’t like folks are missing her presence.  I ain’t see nobody pick up they cell phone to call Kim when she ain’t show up.  Nuff said…

Jermaine Dupri

JD got fired as head of Island Def Jam.  According to my sources, his termination is effective immediately and no one knows why.  I’ll keep y’all posted on this one when I find out all of the dirt.

Janet Jackson

Side Bar-Jan don’t be tryin’ to call none of yo’ connects tryin’ to get yo’ man another job.  Y’all remember what happened to Bird when she got Lem a job.  You gotta let a man be a man and find his own job.  Y’all seen Soulfood!  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



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  1. Did you notice A BIG Safety Pin under the twin towers. Blouse in to small. Janet has to find a more clever way to show twin towers now. Baby need clothes.

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