College Costs Ease for Recession


Universities and Colleges across America are trying to do their part to keep young people in school during the country’s economic plight. Financial aid and admission deadlines are still strict and limiting, but for those who apply early, they may just reap the benefits.  The report from USA Today, gives suggestions on when and where to apply to create the best opportunity for the student.

Students used to choose a school based on several factors that all involved their wants or needs, but now according to the report, it would be beneficial to some to go to a school that would possibly recruit them.  Some students have opted for community college before the 4-year university so that they have a sound college report to submit to another institution which may ensure them financial aid and placement.

A few universities are offering a “tuition freeze,” so that some may have an opportunity to swing the tuition.  There’s some colleges that are awarding merit awards to students who choose their school over another school as well as good grades.  Read here to find out all the tricks of getting ready for college that weren’t available before now.

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