Alcohol On the School Bus?


People are having a real problem with the economy and depression.  It’s driving them to drink.  Literally.  A bus driver stopped at the liquor store, got her bag of spirits and got back on the bus.  The driver was snitched on by an innocent bystander that thought, “Hey! Now that doesn’t look right?”  Luckily at the time of the “pick-up” there were no riders inside the bus.

Once the police got involved and got the driver every kid on the bus must’ve snitched.  The goods were on the bus and someone told on the bus driver panicking and asking them to hide her liquor.   I don’t know, but something tells me that this bus driver could’ve waited until she left work to go purchase the alcohol.  She obviously wasn’t going to drink on the bus, so what’s the rush?  Read here and let us know if this is your Aunt Cookie.

One thought on “Alcohol On the School Bus?”

  1. Yes, I agree with you on this.
    But, long ago, when I first started working, and that was so very long ago, the first week I was there, my Boss said to me, if I wanted to succeed in that particular profession, I’d have to drink coffee, smoke & go out with the staff for a (liquor) drink at lunch time ! Now, back then (1972) if I’d told my Mom, I’m 99.9% sure she’d have had him fired !
    Fortunately, things are different today, & therefore if this individual was trying to save on time or gas, she still needs to be repremanded.
    Our youth are drinking far too early & the health ramifications are getting worse & worse !!
    May God help us all !

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