The Children Are Packing…and not Lunch


The babysitters of America are going to have to join a union and ask for benefits and security personnel after the last incident of babysitting.  By now everyone should’ve heard about the 4-year old that shot his babysitter.  Now what kind of world do we live in when a child takes such abhorrent measures because someone stepped on his foot?  I hate to see what happened to the person who denied him a pacifier as a baby.  Some of you may be too young to know this one, but he sounds like Petey Wheatstraw to me.  He is the real version of the baby that went back to smack his doctor for hitting him on the behind when he was born.

When you read the story did you immediately wonder if something else was amiss?  I did.  I think there’s some holes in this story (no pun intended).  Think about it, what kid would think to grab a rifle and shoot you for such a small offense?  Not only that, the toddler knew where the gun was and knew how to use it. 

You think this is one of those cases where someone would say, “He saw someone do that before.”   But then again, the media did report that they lived in a “mobile home,” (a.k.a. trailer).  Now was that nice?  Brings you to all sorts of conclusions about the family.  Read here and come to your own conclusion.

2 thoughts on “The Children Are Packing…and not Lunch”

  1. Yeah, I have to agree with Alicia here. The image we would like to have of children existed in the 70’s, the 21 century child will shoot you for looking at them “sizing” them. Given access to a weapon, I am certain many students would have shot me by now for the discipline I demand in my classroom, let alone inadervertently stepping on their feet. This is a sad commentary, unfortunately I wasn’t surprised. Indeed, God bless us all.

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