Is the Senate Really Closed?

Illinois governor Blagojevich with Roland Burris

 Roland Burris is either in denial or he’s trying to end his career with a bang.  He went from a no-name Illinois politician to an international line-crosser overnight.  He was well aware of the improprieties of the Illinois governor before he offered him Obama’s seat, but he seemed to be in denial about his inadvertent connection to the man. 

Obama and the rest of the Senate have told him that he may as well consider his appointment unofficial business.  But, he didn’t seem to understand until he showed up for work yesterday to locked doors.  How embarrassing.  They would not let him proceed and they do not seem to be wavering on the decision.

If the soon to be President of the U.S. tells you to walk away from the appointment and you do not, doesn’t that put you in collusion with the governor?  He really believes that the appointment doesn’t link him to the governor.  The Senate sees him as an accomplice.  Read here and tell me if avarice and ambition motivating this elderly unofficial senator to relentlessly fill Obama’s seat.

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