Dishin’ Dirt on T.I., Taraji Henson, Solange Knowles and Tyler Perry…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Rapper T.I. was supposed to be in court Tuesday for his “baby mama” drama.  Lashon Dixon, the mother of two of his five children took the Georgia rapper back to court (AGAIN), seeking more support as well as attorney fees.  Back in September 2008, a judge ordered T.I. to pay Miss Dixon $3,000 a month in child support as well as anything “additional” he was paying previously and now the chick wants more.  She is seeking $10,000 per month in child support plus 8K for her attorney fees.  At the time of the initial suit, T.I. had already given her a down payment for a house, purchased her a mini-van, paid for ALL uninsured medical expenses AND all extra-curricular activities IN ADDITION to giving her $2,000 per month in child support.  Now I know that I am finna get a BUNCH of “hate mail” for what I am ’bout to say but I don’t even care.  Lashon, in the infamous words of OutKast, yo azz needs to “get up get out and get something”… like a job.

T.I. and 3 of his 5 Children

Side Bar-Lashon, if you are out there please know that it is not TIP’s responsibility to support your “habit”… whatever it may be.  When he said, “you can have whatever you like,” he was talkin’ ‘bout Tiny.  Get over it!!

Taraji Henson

Okay y’all, I was surfing the net and I ran across a banner on MSN that read: “Who is Taraji P. Henson?”  For me the question was comical, yet sad.  Who … in 2009 does not know Taraji P Henson??  My guess is white folks.  Well to all my “non-black” brothas and sistas, Taraji is one of the most beautifully talented, gifted, actresses of our time.  You can check Taraji out in her latest film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” as well as the upcoming T.D. Jakes film, “Not Easily Broken” which opens this Friday (01-09-09)

Taraji P. Henson on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

Not Easily Broken

Side Bar-The reason I love Taraji is because even with all of her accolades she is NOT “Hollywood.”  She is still Taraji from D.C.  Can we say the same about Halley Berry?  I’m just sayin’…when is the last time she was in a Spike Lee joint?  Need I say more…

BernNadette Stanis

Speaking of “hood” stars, WHY does BernNadettte Stanis … AKA … Thelma from “Good Times” still think that she is a “star?”  Man, I was listening to an interview she did with Chris Yandek and this fool said that she is going to start charging “her fans” to talk to her.  Now all I want to know is what idiot is going to pay good money to talk to Thelma from “Good Times.”  Not only that, she is saying that she wants to get on “Dancing With the Stars” but she cannot get in contact with the producers of the show so that she can get on.  Hmmmm … Thelma darling, that may be because you are no longer a STAR!!  All the folks that get on that show have at least done something in the last DECADE!  Okay, I take that back.  She wrote a book on dating in 2006 called “Situations 101” and she is doing a book tour.  If you want the book on dating, Amazon has 13 copies for .69.  Anyway, check out the interview here.

Side Bar-BernNadette if you are out there, I have a suggestion for you.  You may want to go’on and LEGALLY change your name to “Thelma From Good Times” because truth be told, don’t nobody know no BernNadette.  Nuff said…

Tyler Perry

My boy Tyler Perry is gearing up for the premiere of his new sitcom on TBS called Meet the Browns.  The sitcom airs tonight, Wednesday, January 7 at 9:00 E/P.  Y’all, I love Tyler as much as the next woman but if “Meet the Brown’s” is anything like “The House of Payne,” it will be extra corny.  On the flip side, try to support both of his corny shows.  Tyler is putting a whole lot of black folks to work.  Now all he has to do is make sure that he pays them … AT LEAST the industry standard.  Y’all know Tyler had the WGA on his back for not paying his writers.  Nuff said…

Madea Goes To Jail

Speaking of Tyler Perry, I cannot wait to see Madea Goes to Jail!!  Tyler Perry needs to know that movies and plays are “his gift” and sitcoms are not.  Anyway, checkout the preview for Madea Goes to Jail here.

Solange Knowles

Y’all WHY is Solange talkin’ smack about my girl Janet Jackson?!  According to my sources the lil’ funny lookin’ girl was out at dinner with her girls telling folks that Beyonce ain’t scared of Janet and that Beyonce ain’t do nothin’ but tell the truth referring to the comments that Beyonce made to Elle Magazine last month about the Jackson family’s humble beginnings.  Hmmm … Solange if you are out there, please know that I got my money on Janet.  She was the youngest of nine so I know she done got a whole lot of practice throwin’ them bows.  Nuff said …

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla!



9 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on T.I., Taraji Henson, Solange Knowles and Tyler Perry…”

  1. Surely you jest, being a Baby Mama is not a job? Did anyone tell Ms. Porter? LOL….On the real I can see both points, for many being a mom is a full time job and would require support of course how much support is the question, oh well for these entertainers Kids are the gift that you keep on playing for. Sad how black artist we consider great white folks haven’t even heard of until they star in a ‘white’ movie, although we have heard of all of the B,C,D and even E list white stars. Tyler Perry—good point, putting black folks to work, sooo since his comedies make my teeth hurt can I just turn the T.V. on the station and leave the room, that way I can keep black folks working without the pain of watching the shows, Thank you for making think beyond the Coon Fest that will be Meet the Browns.

  2. Obviously Mr. TI needs to keep hiself wrapped up. All that cuteness on them lil fass ass women turns to demonism as soon as the embeloical cord is cut. All they see from that point on is $$$$$. Stop dropping ya sperm all over the damn place and you won’t have to deal with mama drama at all. We need to stop thinking it’s cute to have babies with no planned future in site. (maybe that was the plan huh?) Mess mess and more mess.
    I took a dance class once with Bernadette, she is intense in her own mind. That’s where her dreams have been for the last 20 or 30 years.
    Tyler is great. I can only say great things about his efforts. But, his sit coms are not holding my attention either. Luv u bra!!! Keep the movies coming
    Solange is just the leftovers of Beyance. She is the (Alright damnit, you can get a deal too!) kid that the family is trying to present. She will not be successful, in this business. She needs to find her own thang. Have some more babies or sumpin’.

  3. I’m gonna refer to Solange as shotgun cause she likes to ride off B. Hey, I’m not mad but she should NEVER EVER open her mouth against JJ. She needs to go and make another weird azz album that no one wants to hear. If B wasn’t her sis would the “rainbow brite of stairlight” (or whatever her album is called) actually get any play???

    tarajji is coming up. I hope she doesn’t get hollywood. i loved her in Tyler Perry’s last film. Speaking of TP, I’m not syaing nothing bad about him!! He is doing the darn thang!!!

    I love Thelma…I mean Bernadette but she knows that no one under the age of 33 knows who she is!

  4. O.K. see I’m not good with names but I thank you for the Ed-u-cation on Taraji Henson. I love her! I love erything she has done! OMG did you see her in Petey Greene’s movie. I can’t wait to see “Not Easily Broken” this w/e? Lets Go? I will never forget her name again. Who you callin white? I forget their names to. lol
    And hey Ezzzie on my girl Thelma, too bad nobody wants to “Talk to her”. Not black folk anyway fur money-hell to the naw! I’d love to see a sista on dancin with the stars tho. Give a sista over 40 like myself a break. It aint eazy keepin our game up. Fee…

  5. t.i. baby mama needa bak up!! she do needa get herself a job n stop tryna live off him. she needa get a life n leave him alone.!

    I seen Meet the Browns. dat movie was tha shxt..!!

  6. everybody look here TIP HARRIS (T.I.) is not just best singer of 2008, but he’s number one (1) in the world he’s on top of the world ,you’re my best singer i like man ,i love u man , just go on and still straight.

  7. Man, all I can say is whoever it is that’s dishin the dirt, ( I apologize cause I don’t know you, I guess I’m a late bloomer or something, but yo ass is funny……I’m crackin up……..for real……..I look forward to reading what the hell you gone say…….anyway, Meet the browns.”CAN’T DO IT” I tried, but I was like that about the Payne’s in the begining, but, the kids saved it…..And, now I even like Uncle Curtis. Dude is funny……..holla..

  8. Solonge needs to take the back sit she rode in on and stay in it. She has no talent her short lived shot gun marriage & labor pains was longer than her career she can’t sing if it could save her life. So who can she talk about? Not Miss Jackson Pee Wee Herman had a better career than her and more talent. Thelma-Bernnadette Stanis I still love you and the family still watch Good-Times even the young kids and love it. The reason that maybe some people may think you are not a star is because you played a good respectful girl and you kepted your clothes on. And was still loved unlike today you’re only known & remembered for being a slut and taking it all off and having no values or’re a star to who counts the most and that’s GOD

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