Bush Gives Obama Middle Finger On Housing

The Hay-Adams Hotel

 Is there any other way to explain the fiasco that is the Obama’s housing situation?  Did Bush not know that he was coming to Washington?  The only way that Bush could cover his tracks of refusing the President-elect housing was to put someone in the “119-room” Presidential guest house after the Obama’s request in December.  Rachel Maddow reported on her show Tuesday night that there were no overnight guests scheduled to be in Blair House when he initially requested his stay in December.  But now, the Washington Post has found that the former prime minister of Australia will stay there starting January 12.

It’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors.  The republicans are sore losers and they want to play with the President-elect, who appears to take it all in stride.  The digs that the Obama family has been redirected to is no shanty though.  They are staying at the posh 145-room Hay-Adams hotel which according to MSNBC, has “marble bathrooms, intricately carved plaster ceilings, ornamental fireplaces and balconies, custom Italian bed linens and towels, goose down duvets” and such.

How petty can you be Bush?  The man just wanted his children to start school on time without having to drag them all over creation while moving them from their hometown.  The girls have been brought from Chicago to the Hays-Adam, then they will move again to the Blair on January 15, and of course move to the White House after that.  Laura doesn’t even have the compassion or motherly instincts to try and accommodate the family?  No, she will be too busy attending a function at the Blair House tomorrow.

This entire ordeal takes me back to the Katrina days when people weren’t afraid to speak their minds about Bush: 

3 thoughts on “Bush Gives Obama Middle Finger On Housing”

  1. ditto!!!

    president select/king shrub is a rabid racist…

    he always has been and always will be!
    in 2000, when he left tx to become “prez”, he demanded that his realtor not sell his home to any black persons…

    he is just continuing to enforce his very same self imposed housing segregation in DC…until his last day as king

    truly a shame!!!


  2. Yes We Can! These words speak highly of our President Elect Barack Obama. We voted for a president who believe in all people. Therefore we don’t need to continue looking back at HOW NEGATIVE Bush operated the White House for the American people. The electral votes was voted for President Elect Obama today, We are proud to have Obama acknowledged has the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. God Bless President Barack Obama!

    Inita McMorris

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