Air India Won’t Be Weighed Down


It appears that Air India wants to be known for their dream team of flight “maidens.”   There has always been a weight restriction for flight attendants, but now Air India seems to be cracking down.  Maybe their hips were knocking over drinks and/or food.  Maybe there wasn’t enough room for passengers to pass the flight attendant or the cart.  Who knows, but there is a serious battle going on over the issue.

The flight attendants that were terminated have plenty of years with the airline, yet they feel they were treated like they were on probation.  They were given a specific amount of time to shed the “poundage,” but to no avail, they were still released because of their girth.  They were initially offered ground jobs, but declined the offer.  But, once they had their day in court and the courts upheld the judgment to terminate their employment, they had a change of heart.  Unfortunately, the airline had a change of heart as well.  Put the fried chicken down and read here before you fill out your next airline attendant application.

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