Some Guys Have All the Luck


 Some people have no luck.  Are you one of those people that chant the mantra, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”? For many years, feeling like a luck-less person myself, I refrained from buying into the lottery dream.  This story further confirms for me that there truly is a race of us out there…the unlucky.

A man purchased a lotto ticket as a part of a tradition that him and his wife maintained for many years.  Then the man, with no prior illness, just up and dies.  The wife, obviously grief stricken, but maintaining the tradition, took the lottery tickets in and found that she was a winner…of $10 million dollars.

This sounds like a bad joke, but his son, when asked what his dad might feel about the whole thing, said his dad would say, “Figures!”  Read here while you find a new hiding place for your lottery tickets.  But hey, why hide them?  You can’t take it with you.

One thought on “Some Guys Have All the Luck”

  1. lol
    It’s pretty awesome that *if* the man had to die, at least his family is set.
    That’s a beautiful thing right there.
    But I am really trippin off the “son’s” statement! :
    “He’d be very mad, he just passed away and she won a lot of money,” said Brian Peters, one of the couple’s three children. “He’d say, ‘Figures!'”

    “He’d be very mad”?
    ‘he passed away and *she* won a lot of money”??
    lolol! (I thot people got slapped for referring to their momma as “she”! lol maybe that was just my family)


    This ain’t their son! this is HIS son. MUST be *her* STEPSON! lolol!!!!
    and he STILL ain’t too happy about it!

    He mad HIS momma ain’t get that $10million.

    …how u hate on your own momma like that?…

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