Obama Brings Out Black Press


As we all know, Obama is sparking change everywhere.  The media coverage surrounding the White House and the President has always been predominantly white, but now there will be representation from the black press.  The players: TV One, Black Entertainment Television, Ebony, Essence, and Jet are trailblazing their way into government coverage that we haven’t seen before.

The news will no longer be filtered through a “foreign” resource for the black community.  Black media is setting up camp at the White House and we will hear things from a different perspective.   Along with Essence, Ebony and Jet’s White House correspondents, we will see extensive inauguration coverage on BET and TV One.  The black press has needed a boost like this for some time and it will change the course of black journalism.  Read here while you fill out a subscription card to one of your favorite magazines.

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