New Profile: RWB


 It appears that there is another type of racial profiling afoot.  This one would be coined “RWB” for Renting While Black.  Everyone knows someone on Section 8, but your friends aren’t trouble, right?  Well, it seems that other folks on Section 8 are going to the suburbs and causing confusion.  The inner cities started emptying their public housing and getting rid of the structures in the mid 90s in an effort to rid communities of “projects” that were rife with crime. 

The suburbs has long been an answer for success in white society, but it’s fast becoming the problem.  White suburban homeowners have seen few shopping and convenient fast food restaurants in their area and have also been victims of urban sprawling.  Now, the influx of black renters is more than they can bear.  They are complaining that their has been too many disturbances and illegal activity in their communities since an influx of low income blacks have moved into the San Francisco Bay area.

Now if you called the police on Craig and them hanging out on the corner up to no good in your neighborhood, you can bet that your call will be ignored.  But in the Bay area, they get results.  The police formed a task force aimed specifically at black Section 8 residents and have been following up in an aggressive manner.  The community is in an uproar on both sides and a lawsuit is pending for harassment and profiling.  The people involved have had all kinds of civil rights dashed and a day in court may just settle the problem.  But, when the riff raff leaves the suburbs and heads back home, are you going to have your arms open?  Do you feel it’s unfair to label those with section 8 a “person of interest” in every crime?  Read here while you prepare your protest sign.

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