California’s Finest Is At It Again


 We recently reported on black on black crime resurfacing at a higher rate than recent years.  But, it appears that the real story that we can all agree on is that the police force in almost every urban center has consistently maintained corruption.

In Oakland, Ca., a young black male just lost his life in a senseless run-in between himself and, not other black men, but the police.  The boy was not resisting arrest or restraint and was shot and killed while in their custody.  They claimed the boys were fighting on the train and they were holding them.

Luckily a young Latina female who was using her Christmas camera while out on New Year’s Eve, captured the scene of the crime on film and turned it in.  She is not seeking any compensation, but would simply like to provide the family of the victim some closure and evidence against the officers.  Read and see here how this horrendous act unfolded.

2 thoughts on “California’s Finest Is At It Again”

  1. Thank you for reporting this, but it hould be ont he FRONT page of the EUR site. This is the worst police murder since Sean Bell, and the man was CUFFED. Demand that your new Atty. General, Eric Holder, appoint a Police Czar to federally regulate America’s police system; it is failing its tax payers by KILLING them.

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