Battle That Bulge On A Budget


Did you make the normal New Year resolution to drop the weight and make more money?  Well, all of us have these two things on our mind at the turn of the new year, yet we usually lose momentum a month into it because we like to eat out.  Eating out helps us to keep the weight on and gain more weight in the winter months, plus we’re constantly losing money buying the fast food or even worse dining out. 

Well, have no fear, the fat police is here!  Four people who have battled the bulge and have kept it off share with us how to lose the weight, keep it off all while eating out.  These awesome individuals (my personal heroes) love to eat out, yet they keep it within a budget and they eat right.

Now some of us may go to our favorite restaurant and habitually order the same thing, but if we’re really true to our weight loss goals this year, these four will show you how to order both effectively and economically.  Read here to learn how to read a menu all over again if you’re not ready to work in the kitchen yourself.

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