Renters Have Rights Too!


 Most people plan for moving when they know they can’t pay the rent, but what happens when the landlord doesn’t pay?  Are you stuck with the short end of the stick and forced to move in a moment’s notice or do you have time to plan your next move?  If you’re standing in the doorway looking out over the neighborhood wondering where you are going to go because your landlord has received a foreclosure on the property, help may just be an article away.  A recent report by CNBC is full of advice for those of us who are looking at moving involuntarily.

Landlords losing their properties is a common issue these days.  The renters have been moving into shelters because they have no place else to go.  But, Fannie Mae is offering assistance for the properties under their umbrella that should ease the minds of those looking at eviction notices.  Even if Fannie Mae doesn’t handle your landlord’s property, there are a bevy of other routes to go to secure your home a bit longer.  Set the boxes down and sit back and relax while reading the report.

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