Black Women: Do You Feel Shorter?


By a show of hands ladies, who out there is taller than their grandma?  Everybody right?  It’s a bone loss or osteoporosis issue that occurs as people get older that makes them shorter than they were in their heyday, but now it appears that black women are not getting any height to begin with.

Recent research reported by ABC News, has shown that young black women born after the 60s with low to middle income are shorter than past generations.  The height differential appears to be linked to an “overall well-being.”  Safer surroundings, more exercise, and better nutrition, are all factors that play a part in a person growing properly. 

This all seems to be relatively sensible information, but conclusive? No.  The litmus test being used needs to be as varied as its subjects.  The researcher, a professor in Germany, with his research as extensive as it may be, seems to be a little out of touch with the African American community.  If his goal was to produce profound results, he could’ve stopped at the fact that black women may not be as healthy as their upper class counterparts.  But, think about it, who is?  If you can afford to live in wide open spaces (which provides better exercise), have better healthcare, and better food, of course you will be healthier. 

But, then again, that too is controversial.  There are women, black and otherwise, in other countries living below our poverty line that are much healthier than lower or middle class American women.  Now, no, I have not done extensive research to prove that fact, but let me ask you this…How many times have you been watching television and some program on Africa comes on and you see women living in, what we would consider squalor, lifting a 75 pound bag or bucket of water and carrying it on their heads for miles to feed their families?  Read the study for yourself while you think about your Aunt Lula down in Mississippi that has always been poor, yet she is nearly six feet both ways and can bench press a Cadillac.

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