Why Deny Therapy To Murderers?


 If ever there was a time that someone needed to talk to someone it is after they kill someone right?  There is certain to be something on your mind.  Maybe all murderers get the basic therapy when they are brought into custody.  But, some may need a little more than that to process what has happened and what is getting ready to happen. 

The eight-year old, that just turned nine, was denied any ongoing therapy for the murders he committed against his father and the other man living in their Arizona home.  Are you aware of this tragedy? 

We still are trying to find out what would’ve prompted him to murder his own father and his friend or border.  It seems suspect that a child his age would have something that sinister on his mind, much less be willing to carry it out.  The reports seemed to conclude that he just wasn’t taking anymore corporal punishment from his dad.  He felt he should keep his hands to himself.  But come on, is that all?  Read here, while you think about the beatin’ your mother may have given you back in the day.  Would you have considered taking her out?  I remember calling her some names…in my mind, but other than that, I’m drawing a blank.

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