Is America Still Fearful of Muslims?


 The Muslims in this country, and no, not Nation of Islam Muslims, are still under attack.  We are at war both across the ocean and in the U.S. against the stereotypical appearance of a Muslim.  What if they got on a flight with you and they didn’t have on any of the traditional clothing nor “appeared’ to be Muslim?  Would you still suspect someone that might look Arab of foul play?  Is the fear still there?

A family of Muslims on an Airtran flight from D.C. to Florida was booted off the plane on New Year’s day for making remarks about sitting near the “jets” on the plane.  Some people looked at them, heard the remark and immediately all hell broke loose.  They had to delay the fight, kick them off, and screen everyone else before they returned to the flight.  Even the FBI said the family checked out as clean and the xenophobia, still in high gear, kept the airline from allowing the family back on.  Although some of us may be “over it,” you can read here and see that the “usual suspects” are kicking off the new year with the same old stuff.

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