Crack Is Wack-ed


 The 80’s were rife with crack wars and cities in peril over the massive invasion of the drug.  The paraphernalia of crack use came in the forms of orphaned children, drive-bys, astronomical murder rates, and as a result, extreme drug convictions.  The Clinton administration, while feeding the black community with one hand, formed an iron fist with the other when building the legislation that “cracked” down on drug offenses.  It has long been contested that the penalty for crack offenses vs. cocaine was drastically uneven and disproportionately targeted black men.  While that may be true, I wonder if anyone said, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t sell crack anymore.” 

Now, largely against Bush’s wishes, the legislation has been amended to lessen the penalties for crack possession.  They’ve even reviewed cases retroactively in an effort to either reduce sentences or give “time served” to some and release them.  Once released, in this economy, what’s the odds of crack dealers returning to their business as usual?  Especially, since the sentencing for crack offenses are now less severe. 

If you ask me, they could crack down on all crimes and make punishments more severe across the board.  Until they do, we will remain victims of crime.  What’s wrong with the punishments of other countries?  You steal something, they chop off your hand.  You rape someone or sexually assault a child…well, you know what they have to chop off then.  Read the new policies on crack, while putting together your own list of punishments to submit to your local congressman. 

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Crack Is Wack-ed”

  1. I agree that punishments for crimes committed should be more severe, I work as a corrections officer in a North Carolina women’s minimum security prison, and I must say that the penal system in this country is a joke. The objective is supposed to be rehabilitation, but what’s really happening is a system of relvolving door patterns on the behalf of the inmates.
    The privileges that they receive in prison would blow your mind. Catered meals once a month, birthday parties, major medical care for $7.00, etc. The inmates are treated better than staff and seem to have more rights. Inmates use the system to get what they want, then are released back into the general population to continue the same negative behavior that got them sent to prison in the first place. We as c/o’s see it everyday inmates are released only to return two to three months later with the same con games mentality. The law will lock up someone for a simple worthless check for 6 months to a year, if the check is worthless then why lock them up? Crack dealers get just as much time as murderers and rapists, what’s wrong with that picture? The entire penal system needs to be reevaluated, until then we will continue to have have crime rates. If murderers want to kill so badly send them to Iraq, to kill the enemy, bring back the days of the chain gangs, and ans stop making prison institutions baby sitting facilities.

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