Obama Fires Off On Wallstreet


Obama has been quiet for far too long.  Yesterday, he finally had to ask the Wall Street fat cats “Who’s your daddy?”  He had to unleash on them with as much reserve as he could muster to convey how irresponsible it is to receive $18 billion dollars in bonuses in our faces.  The country is spiraling into an abyss of debt, yet they are able to give themselves the same bonuses they received in 2004.  For some reason it appears that time has stood still for them. They don’t see the economy unfolding, yet they are at the helm of it. Continue reading

Daughter Reports Dad’s Abuse of Sister


Another monster has been captured; this time in Missouri.  The monster impregnated his daughter 4 times over the six-year period he assaulted her. The abuse started when she was 13 and she is now 19-years old.  The sister couldn’t take it anymore and went to authorities once she turned 18.  Obviously, the daughters were completely terrified and scared for their lives, but her reason for not coming forward sooner was that she didn’t want to be taken out of the home and sent to the state. 

Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Kanye West, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Swizz Beats and Mashonda

Now I know y’all heard about the Swizz Beats/ Alicia Keys drama.  If not, you know I’m ‘bout to tell it.  Rumor had it that Alicia was messing around with the VERY MARRIED Swizz Beats and because of their ongoing affair he and his wife split up.  At first, I did not want to believe that the VERY CONSCIOUS Alicia Keys would have anything to do with a married man (Swizz Beats at that) but y’all it’s true.

Recently Mashonda “Beats” stopped by to dish the dirt with Kendra G and she told it all.  She wasn’t nasty or hateful but she did keep it real.  Now I know that many of y’all (like myself) was a lil’ shocked to hear that Alicia was creeping with a dude, especially after seeing the pictures of her getting arrested after “allegedly” beating up her “alleged” lesbian lover, but so far the rumors about her and Swizz Beats have proven to be true.  Hmmmm … could this be a ploy to throw people off of the scent of BOTH of their sexual preferences?  It’s not far fetched.  Please know that more than likely the sex symbol you love the most loves the same thing you love.  Anyway, check out the complete interview here.  Nuff said… Continue reading

Some Lenders Want to Forgive You


Credit card companies, banks, car lots, everyone is looking for a way to cut their losses.  MSN reported that the businesses are able to write your debt off as their loss, so if you don’t pay (we don’t encourage that) then they don’t lose too much.  They can revamp their loss at tax time and move forward.

But, the scenario is more like they will help you pay down the debt and not have you foreclose or lose your car.  If there’s no debt, then they get no money.   They want you to pay, but maybe now more than ever, they are ready to give you a break.  Read this list of things you can do to either get your credit on the rise or maintain it.  MSN is offering a great resource of financial information.

FDA Dropped The Ball On Food Safety


 The state of Georgia is in a state of emergency now that all its dirty secrets have been revealed.  The Peanut Corporation of America has been sending peanut butter and other peanut byproducts out to the masses tainted with Salmonella.  The reports of dirty containers in the plant were all discovered in October, yet there had not been an inspector to follow-up on a order to “clean up” until this month. Continue reading

Mississippi Mayor Defrauded Katrina


Three years later, Hurricane Katrina has residents living in trailers, half fixing on their homes, with the others becoming a sort of modern diaspora, being dispersed throughout the country.  Now, of all things, a mayor has lied to authorities about damage in his city and used the money to fix an investment home he owns. Continue reading

Miss World Finalist Dead After Amputation

Mariana Bridi da Costa

A young woman’s dreams have been dashed at the age of 20 after becoming infected with a rare disease.  The young woman was a finalist that was going to represent Brazil in the Miss World competition.  The model was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that seemed to rapidly worsen resulting in an infection that is extremely resistant to most antibiotics. Continue reading