The Russians Are Coming…and Everyone Else!


Let’s see if you are a genius or have some sort of mythical purpose and/or talent for fortune telling.  Did you predict that America would be in the shape it’s in now because of a greedy government that has allowed big business to go unrestricted, thus eroding our sky causing global warming and allowing people to immigrate in alarming numbers unchecked to make money off of them, which in turn has contributed to our economic decline, thus giving way to an immense moral deficit that will ultimately be the downfall of America?  Thought so!  This guy is a hack!  He using no more than common sense.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a “Russian academic” is predicting the end of America.  He has been on this soapbox for decades, but now that Russia needs to boost its morale, he’s the talk of the town.  He’s also gone as far as to give a breakdown of how the U.S. will be broken up and when it will happen.  I’m going to go grab up a couple of my Crown Royal bags and a few items of clothing.  If “our” predictions are true, I’m going to need a little change and a change of clothes over in Dubai.  Read here to see when you need to start packing.

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