What The Hell Is Going On In Illinois?!

Roland Burris

I’m sorry, but someone has to say it.  What in the hell is going on in Illinois?  I swear, if this governor was black he’d be clanging his tin cup on the bars praying that someone hears it.   He would not be gallivanting about town getting the opportunity to say or appoint jack…or Roland.  There is no way he would get to have his say, explain what happened with the infamous “selling” of the seat, and in the face of the white community, push forward and appoint someone to what has become the most prominent, coveted, and controversial seat in government.  Who does he think he is?  Bush?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the appointment of former Illinois Attorney General, Roland Burris, whose career and reputation precedes him in the Illinois government.  But, at the same time, while Obama refers to him as a “good man”, he still denounces the appointment and will support the Democratic Senate on reversing Blagojevich’s decision.  Then, to compound things,  in comes Bobby Rush, who, from the beginning of the question of who would succeed Obama, put the fire under Blagojevich to appoint a black candidate.

It is understandable that some, like former Black Panther turned U.S. Representative Bobby Rush, would want the Senate seat to remain occupied by a black face.  But, we have to ask, “Is that all it is?”  Burris is definitely qualified for the job, but is Blagojevich using him as a pawn?   Because more than likely, the appointment is null and void.  We have long seen the disadvantage of unaffected, self-serving politicians, but when we have those in “black face” sparingly representing the black community’s interests it is more than disappointing, it is defeating.  How do you feel about the appointment?  Is it necessary that Barack’s old seat be filled by another black candidate?  Keep in mind, Barack was the only black face in the Senate.  Get all the details here while you make up your mind.

4 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going On In Illinois?!”

  1. JB ~ These attacks on Gov. Blagojevich appear to be a bigger problem than the Governor himself. As a Chicagoan, I applaud the Governor for not stepping down. What crime has been found guilty of committing? Certainly some of his behavior appears to be unethical, but until someone proves that he actually committed an illegal act, he needs to handle the business of running the state (and that includes appointing someone to fill the vacant Senate seat).

    I do no think Burris is a pawn ~ I think he simply sees this as another challenge in his life. For many years, Roland Burris succeeded when others said he wouldn’t. This is simply another hurdle to conquer.

    That said, the media has done a fantastic job of making Blagojevich appear guilty without any evidence being presented. Remember when the media did the same thing to President Bill Clinton (during that Lewinsky hearing)??? Old folks use the term “rile” when referring to one source inciting another source ~ that’s exactly what has happened to Governor Blagojevich. If there’s proof he committed a crime, let the justice system work – otherwise this is all “smoke and mirrors” with the media outlets fanning the flames.

  2. The Republican Party is masterful at getting what it wants by spinning news stories to support its agendas. In this case, it is an election for the vacant Illinois Senate seat, which they believe that they will win. I’m skeptical if they even care that the charges against the Illinois governor stick. On the flip side, it is a great opportunity for a black person to be appointed to the senate, I’m not sure it was wise for Mr. Burris to accept the appointment at this time. Nor is it wise for African American politicians to demand that the Senate seat be given to an African American. As President Elect Obama proved, given the right strategy and God’s grace, “We can”. If the Republicans think they have the stuff, then to quote President Bush, “Bring it on”. Americans aren’t afraid to vote for a qualified Black man!!! With that said, I wish Mr. Burris the best. By all accounts, he seems qualified and capable to replace President Elect Obama in the Senate.

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