Deja vu Or Faith?


 Have you ever had a dream that was so real to you that it made you wake up elated about what was getting ready to happen in your life? Or just the opposite?   What about the dream that you can’t remember and then it happens?  Well, there’s a woman out there that feels she spared her own life by a dream that she had.  The dream was obviously in technicolor as she was able to pick a doctor based on the dream.  The doctor would go on to save the woman’s life. 

It would be nice to navigate our lives with premonition and dreams into our greatest existence, but how many of us give into this way of thinking?  Don’t you have to have a certain level of faith in the unknown and unconventional?  Do you believe that the Creator sends messages to us in our dreams to help us in our reality?  Or are our dreams merely an extension of our living or vice versa?  Dreams are highly controversial and mysterious, but whatever they may mean, we give them validity by our faith in them.  No harm nor foul either way, unless your dreams include sinister premonitions of a murderous nature.   Read about this woman’s extraordinary experience while you make up your mind.

One thought on “Deja vu Or Faith?”

  1. I just read the article and I believe it. I read the comments on the page too. I didn’t realize it was that many people who don’t believe in God. They trippin.

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