The Mysteries Of The Orient…In Mexico?


 A japanese man that had taken up residency in a Mexican airport, recently decided that it was time to leave.  No one knows where he went, but he gathered his things and vanished.  The question on everyone’s mind is why?  Why was he there in the first place?  Why did he decide to leave?  What was so magical about Mexico?  Maybe he found some sort of solace or peace in their airport that could not be found in Japan.  Who knows?  The people, everywhere, are getting weirder by the day. 

It makes you wonder, why would they let him take up residence in their airport?  If someone took up residence in one of our airports, first, would they know?  Think about the size of some of these airports: New York’s Kennedy, Chicago’s O’Hare, and Atlanta’s Hartsfield.  If airports is his thing, these places are akin to Disneyworld.  Second, how would that person be dealt with?  And last but not least, do you think race plays into how the person would be treated?  Well, while you read about this guy, I’m going to contact Homeland security and make sure our airports is still at a level orange.

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