It’s Time For Informed New Year’s Resolutions


 Do you know that person who swears they’re healthy because they only drink diet Pepsi or diet Coke or some kind of energy drink and water?  Well, Men’s Health is here to bring reality to all of the mythical health regimens of the fakers and put the disciplined to the test.  Even some of the healthy foods have hit the list of worst foods to eat.  Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a Lean Cuisine too.

But, if change is what we truly seek this year, these lists seem to do the trick.  They are giving us jewels on the worst beverages, worst health food, and letting us in on the secrets of the additives that are supposed to keep us healthy.   So, put down that flavored water (probably laced with aspartame) and read your way into the right choices this year.

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