“I Pledge Allegiance To My Virginity”



Is anyone standing with their hand over heart anymore swearing to do or not do anything?  There used to be a time when a person’s word was their bond and a person’s reputation was all they had in this world.  But no more.  Those times have come and gone.  The greenbacks are all that matter now.  If you don’t receive some type of tangible currency in your hand, most would bet that the person is running for the border with your goods.  Well, in this case, the goodies.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health have reported that virgins that pledged to abstain over the last five years have fell off the wagon and fell hard.  The results show that not only are they having sex, but they are having more unprotected sex than their non-pledging counterparts.  A lot of parents don’t believe in teaching their children about sex and/or safe sex.  In this information age, you would think things had changed.  Back in the day, the “talk” consisted of a health book and a threat.  No one really explained the perils of the sexual experience when performed irresponsibly or otherwise.  What do you think?  Does teaching the children about sex encourage them to try it?  Some experts beg to differ…so do I.  I think it’s just responsible to explain all things that would keep them protected.

Read here about nearly 1,000 teenagers who need a refresher course on abstinence and/or a free pack of condoms.

4 thoughts on ““I Pledge Allegiance To My Virginity””

  1. Thank goodness my son and his friends have pledged to stay virgins until marriage…they said random sex is just not the business anymore…”have you watched films in health?…no go”…they say!

    I pray their thought process doesn’t get deterred!

  2. I was one of the few that actually made it til marriage. My parents were open about it. My dad even gave me a condom at 15. High School was a breeze though(cuz I was shy), but I didn’t feel the pressure til college. What it all came down to was my belief in God. Either I can do what I believed was right and live an easier life with God on my side. Or I could give into what society has made acceptable and risk being punished by God (ie sex-crazed, AIDS, baby mama drama).

    I’m not one those who pushes my beliefs on others. I too battle with my share of wrongs. I just try to be that example to show that it is possible in a world where sex is literally all around you.

    are they serious?
    The two who replied to this article. Are they really serious???
    baby mama drama and AIDS is God’s whoopin stick?!
    that’s the best laugh I had all day
    thanks, Virginboy

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