Dishin’ Dirt on Beyonce, Ciara, Buffy the Body and NFLer Byron Westbrook…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Y’all this economy is really suffering.  So much so, that “super” producers are recycling their own beats!  It seems that Ciara done re-made Beyonce’s “Diva” from her recent release, “I Am Sasha Fierce.”  This is wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin.  Although, I am a fan of Ciara (LAWD knows I shouldn’t be because both of her CD’s SUCK), she will NEVER be Beyonce.  In fact, she needs to stand clear from anything Beyonce related.   That includes, dresses, shoes, hair, ex-boyfriends, choreography and yes…MUSIC!  Okay, I will give it to Ciara, the lil’ sista can dance and if you give her a pole and a red light, I am sure she would make a whole lot of money but sangin’ ain’t her forte’.  Y’all know I’m tellin’ the truth.  Check out the “re-mix” here


Speaking of Beyonce, it seems that she made some off the wall comments about the Jackson family in the December issue of Elle Magazine.  According to the magazine article, Beyonce said, “I grew up upper-class”, she says. “Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

Jackson 5

Y’all folks can say what they want to say about the Jacksons but they are a real family.  Errrrybody family got issues.  Y’all know y’all got an uncle or somebody that ain’t quite right upstairs.  And if you can’t think of anybody in your family…then the odd one out is probably you.  If you ask me, Matthew Knowles wanted to quit his boring salesman job and her mama wanted to trade in the shampoo bowl for a clothing line.  Therefore, Beyonce got pimped out to the music industry.  No question, she is the bread winner in that family.  Y’all know ain’t nobody checking for Solange.  Nobody is beating down Tina’s door for her to style them for a red carpet event and has Matthew managed anybody else (successfully) other than ex-Destiny Child members (…and that’s questionable)?  I’m just sayin’.  One would say the same thing about Matthew Knowles and the entire Knowles family.  Let the tabloids tell it, Matthew was taking notes from the Joe Jackson handbook.  I’m just sayin’…

Janet Jackson

Side Bar-Hmmmm…let’s compare…Beyonce and Solange vs. Michael and Janet.  Beyonce, respect your elders!  Nuff said…

Okay y’all, this ain’t got nothing to do with nothing but there is this stripper named Buffy the Body who is known for her big AZZ…and not much else.  Well she is, but I don’t think I want to put it in my blog.  Use your imagination.  Let’s just say she is not quite as bad as Superhead…but she may be a close second.  She just hasn’t written a “tell all” book (not yet anyway), but the streets be talking.  For all the guys who are infatuated with Buffy’s butt (it cannot be her face because cute is not her friend) just know that most of the video chicks you are infatuated with, their asses are not real!!  They get butt injections.  Their booties are injected with collagen prior to them shooting their videos.  Anyway, she and a radio DJ go at it and it is hilarious.  Check it out…

Side Bar-Does anybody know if strip clubs offer 401K’s?  I’m just asking.  With this economy, I may need to rethink my career choices.  Y’all know jokers will pay to see a big azz before they pay the rent.  I’m just sayin’…

Bristol and Levi

Bristol Palin done welcomed a 7lb baby boy on Saturday and following her mother’s lead for baby names, she named him Tripp.  I knew I should have gotten a book of baby names as a baby shower gift!  Dang!!

Byron Westbrook

Okay y’all, Media Takeout has a photo of this NFL player that goes by the name of Byron Westbrook.  This dude is bare chest and another dude is hugging him from behind.  Now I usually don’t pre-judge but if I were a betting woman I would say that this dude is “sweet.”  Now I know that I am going to get a whole lot of “hate” mail (especially from my gay friends) but y’all know that I ain’t lying.  He looks real “happy” and if I were guessing I would say that he was in the family.  Now Byron was so embarrassed by the photo that he felt compelled to contact MEDIA TAKEOUT (of all media sources) and explain what was going on in the photo as well as how many women were at the party.  For me, the explanation sounded a lil’ suspect…but then again, so was the photo.  So BYRON…if you are out there…just know, that you are explaining too much.  In my opinion, that says, “I got something to hide.”  Check out the photo and draw your own conclusions…

Byron Westbrook

Side Bar-Ladies, many dudes (including the straight looking ones) will tell you that they are straight and although you may be thinking that they are checkin’ for you, they are really checkin’ for your man.  That said, take control of your own destiny and make that joker wear a condom. Not all men on the “DL” are borrowing your MAC Viva Glam.  Some of them are changing your oil or fixin’ your brakes.  Nuff said…

Alright y’all.  That is all for now.  Holla back at your girl!



13 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Beyonce, Ciara, Buffy the Body and NFLer Byron Westbrook…”

  1. Hey.. this blog be off da hook and funny…. Keep up what you doin.. i’m readin it all day everyday….


  2. Sony, You are exactly right!!!! I posted a similar comment on MTO – STraight doesnt need to “explain” It speaks for itself!!! You invite further suspicion just my over explaining the number of women present. For all we know they could have been lesbians!!! And in the shot maybe 1 woman can be seen and she could be the wait staff!!! Its like when Johnny Gill had to explain that he sleeps with a lot of chicks and EURs own Mo Kelly had to tear him a new one. And we all know the Johnny/Eddie story – as does Tracey and Eddie’s ex wife. How you doin’?


  4. I am loving the candid-ness!!! Ciara done made me laugh fah real!!! OMG!!! Did she really try to take it there??? I like Ciara too, but come on ya’ll…there are some people you don’t mess with and Beyonce is one of them. It seems like Ciara is just fishing for attention when in reality, she needs to be fishing for a hit! DIVA vs. GO GIRL…I’m jus sayin!!!! LOL! First she tried to jump on Janet’s Feedback, now Beyonce! Girl leave the beast alone and DO YOU! I’m jus sayin…..LMAO!

  5. First time reading but love your column, keep up the good work. And as for Beyonce, I was cool with her til she tried to mess with my Jacksons, now we got a little problem LOL.

  6. now that’s BYRON right not Briancorrect? I am a fan of the team where Brian Westbrook is a member but just double and triple checking you said BYRON.

  7. Sony, as always, you got the dirt.
    Both Beyonce and Ciara songs are A HGM!!!!!!
    This is by far Beyonce’s worse CD, and Ciara, still looks like a BOY.
    Love Ya!!!!

  8. Hey bruh leave Buffie The Body alone and let her do what she gotta do. You ain’t real if you ain’t if goin to let somebody do what they gotta do. Her ass is real and she is ok in the face so just let this one go.

  9. Okay Ciara Is The Shit Right About Now
    None Of Ya’ll Can Touch Ha And Both of her albums
    was the bomb matter of fact all three of her albums
    were the bomb and that’s something that ya’ll gone
    have to understand.
    Cause One thing about it Ciara never tried to be anybody
    but ciara and you can tell that by how all the niggas trying
    to holla at her because if she was any other broad it wouldn’t have mattered.
    And To Be exact Ciara Can Sing And It Shows Through Her CD sales.

  10. Ummmm….. Hmmmmm… About the Westbrook photo, looks like a duck… walks like a duck… Well, thats all I haavto say about it. If I haav my shirt off, beleev me. Aint notta nan dude gonna be behind me, UUUUGGGGHHHH!!! taking a picture liik this. I haav nuth’n against a persons interests. To play the devils advocate, if he isn’t gay he has got to be piss’d off at this dude for walk’n up behind him. Thats the only explaination in his defense that I can think of for all the explaining he’s do’n.

  11. uggg last time i checked beyonce steals from cece. u might want to do ur research. and plz beyonce can’t even outsell alicia keys.

  12. Why is it such a big deal? Nobody questioned when Beyonce came out with “If I Were A Boy”, Its a total remake of Ciara’s song.

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