Black On Black Is Back?


How many times have you watched television and heard your city named as the murder capital, yet you catch the bus and/or walk your neighborhood daily and things are generally the same as they’ve always been…dangerous.  But, when you hear it on national news, it gives the nation the impression that everyone is walking around brandishing guns and driving tanks to the grocery store.  This also presents a deeper problem in business.  The investors that would have helped the city flourish either turn to another viable source or present businesses divest.

Now it is being reported that young black males are killing one another at an alarming rate reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s when crack hit the scene.  An influx of gang activity in the inner cities is seemingly the obvious culprit, but other factors remain in the lack of funding of essential programs in urban centers.

How many, by a show of hands, have seen a major reduction in “black on black” crimes?  If this sounds like your community, when, by year, did it get out of control and when did the crime get under control?  We are conducting our own research into this matter because it seems we’ve entrusted major news outlets and law enforcement to provide honest information for far too long. Read here and let us know if the information is representative of your city.

9 thoughts on “Black On Black Is Back?”

  1. I find this article extremely interesting, I have noticed in my community since 2000, it seems every quarter there is an announcement regarding crime, crime is generally down around the spring(media notes), around January it jumps up again. Now let me say I live of course in predominately black city 1) Not many people are even outside during the winter2)People are still celebrating holidays,no time for crime3) this report is mainly announced on Fox news
    4) Do gangs still exsist? Cant really tell these days
    I am no politician, economists of any type this is something I have been noticing for years, but had no outlet to communicate my theory too.
    I think it is all politically driven by the state I live in, I dont know maybe its just me

  2. I dont think BOBC is as prevently today as it was in the late 80’s early 90’s.
    It seems it runs more rampede in the latino community these days, young african americans are turning too other alternatives to occupy their time in a productibe manner

  3. It’s unfortunate that everyday we read the headlines about this Black on Black crime. We must get these guns out of our communities and teach our children that the gun does not solve the problem but makes it so much more complicated and leaves a big hole in the lives of families, friends. I often wonder what would our society be like if we didn’t have access to so many firearms I say ABOLISH THE NRA, their lobbist go to Washington DC with big checkbooks and bags of money for those who are charged with responseabilty of protecting us the LAWMAKERS. Get the guns out!! and teach the young people to love each other. Whatever happened to I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD!!


  4. Things are getting better. They just want us (black males) to get scared and get more guns so we can kill each other.

  5. It’s bad. It’s still very bad.
    Our hatred of ourselves runs deep and runs strong.
    We really need some loving outreach.
    We should band together as neighbors and friends and just work together on small things.
    Start a baking club for kids.
    Start a math club.
    A music club.
    And just work with 5 kids. We need small steps to begin with.
    We need the poor sweeties who don’t have parents with a lick of sense to see that the life that their idiot parents have shown them is not the way to go.
    It’s really up to us.

  6. I have mixed feelings on this subject. Here in Minneapolis, things really got out of control in 1995. Our city hit an all time high for murders. In fact we had the highest murder rate per capita that year. The mix feelings enter because when you take a look at the teenagers that are commiting the murders, you could offer all the outreach programs, social programs, and afterschool programs in the world and they wouldn’t want any parts of it. If you’re not down with what they’re down with, or a part of whatever they’re a part of, they don’t want to hear anything you have to say. You’re considered a square to them or you don’t know what you’re talking about or you can’t relate to “their” world as if the things they’re going through are unique. As harsh as it may sound, I firmly believe that there are certain folk we need to practice some tough love with and turn our backs on them. If you’re not a part of the solution, you are the problem. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s rough in America these days, but that’s nothing new in the Black Community. As stated earlier, their struggles are not unique, there are millions of black folk struggling with poverty, inadequate health care, homelessness, high unemployment rates that are not wreaking havoc on their own communities. Despite the disparities in practically every phase of life in America, there used to be a collective mind state in our community. Now it’s me and mine. We need to stop making excuses for behavior that’s not worthy of an excuse. There are plenty of mentors and positive role models that could offer some guidance to teenagers that’ll be receptive to the guidance. For those that won’t be receptive to guidance, turn our backs on them and let the system have them because we have to protect our next generation of leaders and give them the opportunity to grow into adulthood in a safe enviornment.

  7. I totally agree with you Mr. Bell!! I’m a mother of 2 boys 9 and 11 years old. I’m in the process of a divorce and their father has know involvement in their lives (Sad) but true; I have great mentors for my sons. There are great models out there for our children; the hip-hop world and athele’s are not role models for my kids.

  8. The ratings that are conducted by a the white media could very well be true do to several factors 1 the economy 2 the high unemployment rate, I live in the Nations Captiol and the murder rate seems to increase during the summer months, however the numbers always seem to go up and down but I don’t see were there would be a state of emergency

  9. Where I live, the shootings are not as high as major cities but it happens. Drugs rules. Selling and smoking. Crack, weed, prescription, and WET. Even 50- 60-year olds sell or smoke drugs. Ridiculous. Its the dads/stepdads who teach these young boys the “how to’s” about selling drugs. Their “mothers” are so proud that they “brag” how their sons make 1,000.00 dollars a nite selling crack. Of course, mom is looking to get her hands on some of the money. But drug dealers have a secret weapon they use to help from getting busted as much or not all.

    Mostly black corrupt cops. Here in this town, black cops pull triple duty. A cop who protects drug dealers while screwing ghetto females. One of those D.A.R.E. officers were fired recently for (mis) conduct unbecoming of the police force. He was busted w/ crackhead prostitute. The thing is that at least 25-30 years ago, police were doing the same thing. And I can’t recall any of them being terminated. If you ask me, corrupt cops, drug dealers, and whores/ho’s protect each other. Their wrong doing and unlawful behavior contribute to black-on-black crime.

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