Is It Slavery Or An Opportunity?


This may be a hot button issue, but we have to discuss it at some point.  Some powerful African ancestors have not been held accountable for what appears to be repeating itself in the region…slavery.  Some historians have accounted that in times of war that prisoners of war had been sold into slavery to Europeans.  There is a controversy that is still alive today over what the idea of slavery was and is.  It is one belief that the kings of African ancestry believed that the slavery that prisoners of war were being bartered for was simply “civil” servitude, but nonetheless a “bound” situation between the enslaved and their owner.  Today, that isn’t even true.

There is a slave system running rampant throughout Africa that has overflowed into the U.S.  Oprah has profiled the existence of child slavery, but from a sexually deviant standpoint, which is another story, but nonetheless despicable.  The mere existence of slavery in the 21st century is a detestable immoral phenomenon that seeks to devour the spirit of a desperate and destitute people, yet educate others on the nature of man…and not just the white man.  Because clearly, there is room for blame on both sides of the door of greed. 

In this time of Obama-mania, let us not lose our heads enough to believe that this ugly crucible of history has been buried and forgotten among any group of people.  Because now a 19-year old girl, who came to America at the age of 10, essentially to save her family, lost them and herself and struggled to regain consciousness by cutting herself off from a culture that would condone her abhorrent conditions in America.  Slavery, from the African American perspective has severed ties between us and the Motherland in much the same way.  But who is held accountable and is there an advantage to pointing the finger?  In the cases you will read about, yes, because the “masters” were made to “pay.”  But, what penalty would serve the African American community best?   Read here as you gather your ideas.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Is It Slavery Or An Opportunity?”

  1. The underline factors of racism is still alive and well. What gives me a fresh view is the incremental changes that are happening. Regardless of the terrible things that are still saturated in the world’s fabric, the glimmer of a better tomorrow is radiating through the “Continuing Crap.”

    Keep stoking the fire of truth via your writing…It all helps

  2. This is obscene. I’ve seen this on a MUCH less drastic scale. I’ve seen these people from other countries bring people over to work for them – and they are not slaves or working for free, but they definitely are working for less than what theire services are worth. And they aren’t treated fairly.
    I don’t know. What do you do, when in their minds they are doing nothing wrong? How do you stop these people from being so cruel?
    It’s not right.

  3. Both sides of the fence are at blame but how do you stop it. There is supply and a demand for such things regardless how evil it may be. I don’t condone it but some people do and in their own twisted way think they’re helping the person get out of a situation. it’s sad all the way around.

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