Does Christmas Have You In The Hole Again?


Some of us have a tendency to overspend when we look into the beautiful eyes of our children and see all their wants and desires…well, followed with a list of their demands.  The television is a powerful tool that has hoodwinked a nation of us into financial ruin.  The commercials are so inviting and entertaining though.  How can one resist?  Well, some of us will take a nice long review this year of our spending habits after, not checking the national debt, but our own. 

The national deficit is there to reel us in when we have talked ourselves into yet another spending spree.  When the country was financially sound, we ran amuck knowing that our checking account would soon rebound because our jobs were not in jeopardy.  Different times.  Different measures…completely.

The Los Angeles Times is offering a grand treasure trove of credit information for those of us who are rebounding from debt due to any source of setbacks.  The time is now to grab hold to our debt and stomp on it, so that the future will not only be a frugal one, but a future at all.  Read here to start your credit rehab on the right foot.

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