A Christmas Wish


 As we sit down tonight on Christmas Eve, let it not be with the sad hearts of recession and unemployment, but with the joyous hearts of gratitude that we have not been profiled, punk’d or in any way mentioned in the EURthisNthat blog or news sites.  The stories of mischief and mayhem will be held today to inspire you to hold your loved ones that much tighter and not push them away fearing a shank, a favor, or collaborated allibi.

No, the season is upon us and we must remember the sentiment and the prayers that has made our every Christmas possible whether we receive inauguration tickets or not.  We must hold these last days of the holiday dear, for 2008 cannot be brought back, but nightmares of George W. Bush’s administration may linger.

A black man will soon take his seat at the helm of America and we are looking at the most horrendous economical times this country has seen since the Depression.  But, the people that brought him into office are determined, consistent and understand that he is not perfect.  We the people understand that finally, in America, we have someone that represents us.   Black, white, brown and hard-working.  Some of us are rich, but still struggle with the thought that our brethren are not fed and try to help.  Some of us are educated, yet crusade for those who cannot read.  Where there is a need that needs to be met, we rise to the occasion.  Those who are victims of Katrina, got most of their help from those we do not know…not the U.S., just us.

So as you sit down to Christmas dinner, know that we share your thoughts of charity, of hope, of integrity and vision for a better tomorrow.  So what if the Christmas tree is bare or it is not even there.  Christmas day is here to assure us that we can and will be the best versions of ourselves before it’s all said and done.  May God bless and keep your hearts and minds empowered and optimistic.

Happy Holidays!

-J.C. Brooks

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