The iPhone Is Not Jigglin’ Baby

The iPhone almost got a lot popular there for a minute, but the forbidden fruit company decided against giving the phone a “boob” job.   Surely, a burst of morality (and lawsuits) danced like sugarplums in their heads.  Apple thought the idea of a phone that had jiggling breasts in the window may be over the top and offensive to everyone concerned.  The application allowed the phone to jiggle the breasts when shaken from side to side or up and down.  Men who have purchased the iPhone will be protesting by morning…on Christmas Eve no less.  Read here to see how you can get a petition going for women who want a “different” application of “objectionable” content on their phone.

View here to see what’s NOT going to be offered on your iPhone gentleman…and I use that term loosely:


iBoobs on iPhone

3 thoughts on “The iPhone Is Not Jigglin’ Baby”

  1. I’m glad Apple decided against adding this application to the iPhone. I don’t need to see any damn tits jiggling on my phone (white tits at that).

  2. I don’t know- I wouldn’t mind seeing the girl in the purple top jiggle on my phone several times a day, or perhaps they will update the program where you can insert your favotite picture. Yeah, Halle Berry, jiggling on my phone. Hmmm… lol

  3. Do you have any women writing for this blog? First I looked at the “eye candy” photos with only one teeny picture of a man. Then we got jiggling breasts…so I’m just wondering…

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