Is There A Wii Syndrome?

People are on the phone, as we speak, calling their lawyers while en route to some sort of a chiropractor or physician.  But, when they get there, they’re going to turn them around because they don’t have a treatment for Wii arm, foot, or neck.  There are all sorts of people out there going crazy with this gaming system.  They’re using it as a means to stay away from other people.  The Wii system was probably the creation of some gaming engineer who didn’t want to leave his game for fear of losing out on the high score.  Now it’s probably being used by a lot of folks diagnosed (and undiagnosed) with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  People are getting happier with the thought of not having to leave their homes to adventure, exercise, eat, or competitively drive.

The system has its fans so entranced that people have started to incur injuries just as if they had been in a real boxing match, baseball game, or bowl-off.  And when they get to the doctor, they are probably not sharing that part of the story.  They never let on that it was a Wii induced injury, just a baseball game.  Watch this:

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