Will Good Samaritans Become A Dying Breed?

It appears that you can’t even help people these days without someone trying to cash in and I’m not talking about the helper.  The victims are now suing for being helped.  Can you believe it?  Are times that hard?  Has a capitalist regime in peril turned its inhabitants to their darkest side in the name of survival?  And is the capitalist system enabling the victims to get away with such absurd behavior?  Some judges out there are deliberating these cases. 

 The case you are about to hear will disappoint and anger you, but mainly because the healthcare system drove a woman, who is a paraplegic after a horrible car accident, to sue the friend that helped her out of the car.  At least that is who I want to blame for her actions.  Anything but a morality on the brink of destruction because of simple greed.  Check it out while I make sure my home insurance is paid up for my inauguration party in January.  Wouldn’t want a family member or anyone else to slip on spilled champagne and take my house from me.  Sheesh!

One thought on “Will Good Samaritans Become A Dying Breed?”

  1. OMGosh!!!!!!!!,

    Now that is a touchy subject, much like the burgler that sues the homeowner for snagging his arm on the broken window he broke going into the house. What has the world come to? Dear President Obama, stop the madness with all this waste of time and money in our justice system; that’s all I got to say about that!
    Peace my peeps
    T-hee hee

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