White Gays Dummies Guide for Dealing with the Black Community

Jasmyne Cannick

 It appears that the gay community and maybe some outside it are under the impression that being gay is for everybody.  It’s for anyone who believes wholeheartedly that they enjoy and love the same sex as themselves.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth if you were privy to the bird’s eye view on the news and on blogs exposing white gay rights activists hurling racial slurs, threats, and more during the protest over Proposition 8 (California’s legislation that bans gay marriage).  It’s apparent that the openly white gay community hasn’t come out the closet on it’s racist opinions of African Americans.

It may be a little naive on the parts of African American homosexuals to believe that racism within the gay community doesn’t exist.  Or it could be that it’s not African American gays that are naive about this topic, maybe it’s the media.  They gave the general public the impression that the white gay community, by being threatening and abusive to African Americans that stood with them on Proposition 8, was somehow shocking behavior.  But, if someone is a racist, then being gay (or any other member of an oppressed group) is, if it wasn’t before, obviously not the antidote.

But, the record had to be set straight within the gay community to rectify any semblance of confusion on the issue of rights and the part that African Americans play in the homosexual world.  An African American journalist by the name of Jasmyne Cannick, who is also a lesbian, let the white gay males have it in her latest blog on the issue.  It obviously became necessary for her to also appear on Fox News, of all places, to clear up the controversy on the topic of gay rights vs. civil rights.  Apparently, this has been an issue for some time, but it appears to be “family” business.  So, it’s only fitting that Cannick, both black and lesbian, settle the issue.  Read here and be enlightened…we have been.

9 thoughts on “White Gays Dummies Guide for Dealing with the Black Community”

  1. If one doesn’t believe that some white gays are racists toward Black gays, one needs only to go to San Francisco. I lived in a suburb of San Francisco on and off for about eight years and saw and heard it first hand. Then again, the Log Cabin republicans are gay, which I find to be a total oxymoron. Gays need to back up off Black America. Growing up in New York, I personally have no problem with gays and lesbians, since I learn to judge people for who they are, not their sexual preference, and I’m not of the Christian faith. Right or wrong, Black America has the right, just like every other group, to voice its opinion — besides, it is white America attacking and killing gays, not Black America.

  2. Sexual orientation doesn’t preclude folks from being racist. Regardless if a white man is gay, he still can cloak himself under the reserve of white privilege which blacks and other folks of color can NOT do. I find it highly offensive and troubling that black folks are being singled out for the passage of Prop 8. There is an entire spectrum of folks who voted to pass this proposition — conservative whites, asians, latinos and the list goes on; however, the vitriol and hate crimes have been perpetrated against blacks. It’s extremely contradictory for white gays to request equality for all and tolerance; but, NOT be tolerant of others’ rights to vote their beliefs or consciences.

  3. i am not mad at white gays who dare to tell black truths!!!…

    the very same rabid black buybull toting hypochristian voters who were pimped by g. w. bush, as he stole 2 elections are the very same ones who blacked out prop 8…

    black gaybashers are the most ruthless and murderous gaybashers in the world

    from uganda, to africa, to black churches, to brooklyn, black gaybashers are slaying all gays like no other race!!!….

    i will not play with people who are not playing with me
    no matter what color they are

    alicia banks

  4. You know it is really sad that we as Americans will find any reaseon to hate; first the gay community compared their plite to freedom to ours as slaves, and now that the brother in the white house has tried to show nonpartisonship, and tried to be the everything to all people, by inviting ministers on both sides of the Gay and Lesbian issues, he is now ignoring the white gay folks? get a *&^^%*^ grip people, as David Allen Greer would say, “Have yaw’ll lost your damn minds” Our country is the greatest country in the world, mostly because we have so much diversity here. We all have a lot to offer. As usual I will say it again, turn off the damn TV, stop listening to the damn media, and read a book or go horseback riding, or go visit a part of the country you have never been to before and get some damn culture. Be positive, live your life according to your own spirituality, and love others as you would have them love you. (hmnnn! where have I heard that one before) Besides my opinion on being gay is, it is no ones business who I lay down with at night. I believe there is too much focus on the act of sexuality and not the intention of the beautiful union between two people that love one another. Be positive, preach love not hate my peeps!
    Peace and Love yaw’ll

  5. Janistasia i love your comment. We as the people need to be individual on how we think we still need to care about certain things but in this case it does not matter if someone is gay just as it doesn’t matter if someone is straight i just don’t understand why people think there better than others because of looks or how things are done. I’m a white gay guy and i’m not prejudice but if someones mean and hates me for no real reason i just flip and regardless of race i don’t want to talk to them and i find them a horrible person.
    I think people can change because i changed last year i started to be more open i started to be more energetic but not hyper i started to be normal. I think everyone has a struggle i think everyone has a story (mine is too long) i think that with this topic not all whites are racist some are and racism does exist in the gay community what i don’t like about this topic is people automatically think white people or close minded bigots. Let me put a culture shock in here just to get people to think. 5 days ago i was in sabor latino (my dance club) we were almost done with the thriller dance i wanted to show everybody what i got so i asked the instructor if i could be micheal jackson for a second (the lead part) and the gal i asked said i was too white i’m very knowledgable about how the black community has it’s struggles but this was racist as well i’m a white guy and i can’t be micheal because i’m white. What the hell was that for? Anyway i just wanted to show you that hate and/or prejudice exists everywhere. I’m not going to be prejudice because i know how it feels being a gay guy, and articles like this kinda make me think that just because there struggling that can give the struggle to someone else. I’m proud to be white you should be proud to be whatever race. We all have pros and cons but whatever we got we should be helping people and ourselves by not putting labels on each other or giving each other hell that’s what struggles are all about.

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