Palin Is Guilty By Association

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin

 The Sarah Palin train just does not know where to stop.  Now, her daughter’s baby’s daddy’s mama is in trouble with the law.   It appears that poor little Bristol’s future mother-in-law was picked up for drugs.  The police served a search warrant of her home and turned up several felonies.  The reports don’t discuss how many drugs were in the home, but she was released from jail on $5,000 bail. 

Sarah Palin will have to deal with the ramifications of the arrest though.  Especially since she’s governor and has already been accused of tampering in the firing of a sheriff that was, coincidentally, a family member.  Things are sure to continue to be interesting around the Palin household.  Who knows what will happen when the baby is delivered and it really does look like the black man who is already claiming paternal rights. Read here and let us know if you have any Palin stories you wanna share.

3 thoughts on “Palin Is Guilty By Association”

  1. Say it ain’t so Joe! People in glass houses should not throw stones or kitchen sinks for that matter! Especially when you have a “domestic pharmacist” in your own backyard.

  2. That entire ignorant, fam damily is two steps below trailer park trash! Oh well, birds of a feather. And meth, no less! This is the woman republicans wanted as vice president of the country? When it comes to electing an official, those good, fundamentalist Christians only require that one be yt. Apparently lack of morals, standards, education, drugs, and babies’ mommas are no problem. Had Palin been a woman of color, she would not have even been considered for dog catcher. Such monumental hypocrisy! I am too through with this trash and wish the MSM would take out the garbage and leave it out.

  3. Sarah “I am so ignorant” Palin, is like a bad cough…she just won’t go away! She’s ignorant, uneducated and has NO business near the White House, or any house for that matter!! If her grand child ends up having any African American blood in his/her body, she can forget about running for president in 2012! She is an insult to all educated women on Capitol Hill, State Government as well as local small town government! She could never compare or compete with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Condeleeza Rice, Madelyn Albright, or Nancy Pelosi. She honestly needs to stay in Wasilla or whatever that place is in Alaska and KEEP OUT OF WASHINGTON!!

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