MTV Unplugged


 The Music Television channel has been experiencing some rocky times in ratings as of late.  We were all witness to the demise of Total Request Live –affectionately known as TRL– and the other shows are just swirling in the tank.  Viacom, the parent company, (that also owns BET), has started trimming the fat and heads have been rolling.  So, what’s new right?  Well, it seems that there is a backup plan on the horizon.  The network will soon see 16 new reality series that essentially put a camcorder in the hands of its participants and lets the good times roll…and only the good times.  The main objective is to bring back all that is good and motivational in the world.  MTV is finally refocusing and trying to keep shows like “From G’s to Gents” and drop shows like “50 Cent: The Money and the Power.” 

Television will feel the wrath of the economy in all of its channels soon.  In a minute, they’re going to mess around and lose the digital signal they’ve been incessantly worrying us about and we’ll all be back to pliers and rabbit ears and the programs will all be just like MTV, except everyone will be running around with camcorders showing their day of panhandling.  Read here and see what’s happening at what used to be a very popular channel.

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