Head Scarf or Jail?


 After 9/11, the rule of thumb has been that when you see someone wearing a turban or in any way resembling a Muslim, run in the other direction or investigate…violently.  The climate for Muslims has not improved with our new President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama at the helm.  In fact, his name was used as a weapon against his campaign throughout the trail.  And he’s not even a Muslim, just a name that’s been associated with the most notorious terrorist of our time.  What happened to yes WE can?  Do we hold all muslims accountable for the innocent lives taken that day?  Are they enemy #1?

An African American Muslim woman in Georgia, accompanying a family member to court, came to the court wearing a traditional hijab or head scarf.  The courts do not permit “headgear” in court, but it seems that there’s some flexibility to that rule.  She was told to remove it and refused and was thrown in jail.  To be fair, she cursed at him on her way out.  But, some religious rights were reviewed and she was released.  It may be coincidence, maybe not.  Read here and weigh in.

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