Dishin’ Dirt on Barack Obama and Rick Warren…

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Barrack Obama and Rick Warren

I just had to comment on the new dirt.  Why are gay leaders pissed off with Obama because he picked author and Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren of the best selling “Purpose Driven Life”  to deliver the invocation at his inauguration?!  The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community feels as though it is a slap in their faces because of Pastor Warren’s stance on gay marriage and homosexuality in general.  Now don’t get it twisted, Pastor Warren, although an Evangelical Christian, is not as conservative as most.  He tries to blend personal tolerance with the biblical disapproval of homosexuality. 

Personally, I don’t think that Barack made a bad choice.  There are not many pastors that are pro-homosexuality except for the ones that are actually living on the DL.  Anyway, as liberal as I am, I don’t see anything wrong with Obama’s choice.  This is HIS inauguration not the LGBT’s, and he could have Reverend Run deliver the prayer if he wanted to!  Back up off the brotha.  One thing that folks have to remember is that Obama, although a democrat, is not going to be able to please every single democrat.  He is not the President for black folks and he is not the President for gays, but rather the President of the United States.  He has to represent errrbody…and that includes Evangelical Christians! 

Louis Farrakhan 

Side Bar-While they are trippin’, they best be glad that he ain’t get Louis Farrakhan to deliver the invocation.  Nuff said…


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  1. I am glad Obama is including all americas. Even the ones he may or may not agree with their positions on certain matters. He will not be able to please everyone. We have more important things like the economy, jobs, heath care to be concern with, instead of who will deliver the invocation.

  2. Great choice for me!! Obama is a christian man with christian values. He probably personally does not approve of “alternative lifestyles” but can’t publicly admit to that because it is so widely accepted and would reflect poorly on him and overshadow the good he has to offer this country. So, he let everyone know where he stood with his choice of Warren delivering the invocation. I applaud him for his stance.

  3. He has two ministers one on one side of the issue and one on the other side of the issue. The media is the only dirty political evil stinch in this story. Stop all the ney saying. Let’s focus on the positive; there is enough room in this world for everyone. Stop expecting people to think and act like you. Be more open of mind and heart is what I say. President elect; Barack Obama, do what you want to do, it’s yo thang.

  4. Colorless? He is a Black MAN. Because one has accepted him and finally seeing past ones color, don’t insult his accomplishments and feats by stripping him of his being. He’s been black all these 47 years and will be for however many to come. With that said, because today isn’t your day to shine doesn’t mean someone has thrown you under the bus. He will always need the same votes he needed to get this far, so sit back and let him work hard and IXNAY with the me, me, me. This world exceeds your wants and needs. It’s not ALWAYS about you!

  5. regi:

    do your homework!
    you will find that
    obama is a ruthless politico
    and his mom is white
    these are facts irrespective of your brazen denials
    and weak defenses…

    warren is a rabid, vulgar, turbo gaybasher who should never be called a “minister” !

    if bo had picked david duke to speak, NO ONE would dare defend him

    this is why “gay = the new black”
    it is still cool to FLAGRANTLY diss and wound gays

    and we are indeed wounded by this bs


  6. I’m insulted by Obama’s choice of a man who equates gay marriage with condoning child abuse, incest and polygamy. It’s another manifestation of disregard for our liberty and our equality as American citizens.

  7. Obama has been very clear on his stance on gay marriage and other topics related to LGBT. He has also been very clear on his stance in that no one should be discriminated against and that everyone has a right to choice. Stop being so damn sensitive to everything. If you dont like his choice then dont listen to the invocation.
    There are lots more things in this day and age to be pissed about other than who does a prayer.

    Get a grip. Change the channel if you don’t like the show.

    Obama has a right to choose just all of us.


  8. I totally respect p.e. obama’s decision to pick whomever he chooses to bless the start of his presidency. That being said there are thousands of religious leaders in this country at this very moment who have not been on national television smeering a group of people with different beliefs and lifestyles. This really did not need to happen. I don’t give a damn about the marriage title (we need to move past it quickly) but civil rights are “for all” and each of you know that. A woman’s right to choose has been compared to each woman who has had an abortion has committed an atrocity like the holocaust! This is rick warren at his finest. Wanting the government to limit choices based on religious beliefs Civil rights for all. If you start using the “except” in the equation, then each of you will lose eventually. The P.E. has picked a fight with us and it is disheartening to think of the reasons. Maybe we wouldn’t fight back? (stereotypical?) I don’t know. But as i respect his right to choose whomever he wants to pray for him. He will respect my right to come to his inauguration and protest this extremely disapointing start to a career I spent the last year 1/2 working on. I’m sad

  9. Transcrip to Barack Obama on Oct 07, 2009
    Today Sat Feb 20, 2010

    Dear Barack, On your speech on Health Care Reform on September 11th, 2009 you said…”the time for bickering is over”… but that’s what you are doing…bickering!!! and bickering is the black sheep of the communication family.
    Now, suffering persists when a person’s physical pain is ignored and that’s what you are doing…ignoring the pain of the Hard Working American People!!! again you are beckering.
    I know, you like be forgiving of your self and others; but seek out the good people, plus keep your promises. My advise to you: A) If you do not put your head in your shoulders you are going to became a loser… like, Bush… Clinton…Biden… Condy… Hillary and the rest of JACKALS… that still running Washington. B) Where is “The Blueprint for Change”… where is Barack Obama’s “Plan for America”?. C) My second advice to you: We the American People put you in office to represent us and you are our PRESIDENT!!! and thi’s your only choice…remember that you are the PRESIDENT… my advice…AVOID CONGRESS AND INVOKE IN AN ACT…and pass your Health Care Reform. D) American People is gulliable and stupid… i.e. you did GM…AIG…CITI…fire the CEO…GE…exc pay limits…CHRYSLER…reject requests for billions and you stuffed pockets of bankers/investors with billions… and all the rest of FAT CATS… I said… gulliable and stupid…Social Security… Medicare/Medicaid are social services… and this are Government services… this is SOCIALISM!

    Best regards, Gil
    PS/ As of today Feb 20,2010 I do think that Barack Obama is Crooked, Twisted, Unrighteous, Swindler, Ludicrous and with out Morals President no different then Bush or Clinton.

    Gil Mendozza, for the Windham Community Coalition

  10. humm… well you see… were we stand with the Republicans and Democrats? … they are lootering the GULLIBLE AND STUPID hard working American this two parties are working togather with the CORPORATE EXECUTIVES AND WALL STREET. If Africa, Asia, South America and the United States go COMMUNIST don’t blame him.
    Barack Obama is not responsible for femines the US, Asia, or epidemics in Africa. It’s not his his fault that the average of hard working American still earns in this time and age… $7.00/10.00 per hour and the South American 0.75 cents a day.
    All he will do is predict the consequences. That a population living in misery will turn to COMMUNISM as a way out. Unles something is done to alleviate these conditions.
    But the countries themselves don’t have the economic resources to make these changes. The United Nations doesn’t. Even the United States doesn’t.
    They need the help of World Industry. Particulary the U. S. and China Industry.
    Industry is an ideal position to do this. It can deal directly with the people of a country. It can change their lives in a way no Government can.
    A government need to increase production, raise wages, hired doctors, nurses, teachers; expand schools; built clubhouses; hospitals, provided free medical and DENTAL care and medicines at not cost what so ever; financed housing loans and help set up Cooperative stores.
    And then the people joined in. They rebuilt their own homes, paid for their own teachers, built and operated their own store and, in effect, revitalized the whole Country.
    Imagine this kind of success multiplied by tens of thousands of Companies all over the United States, Asia, Africa and South America.

    The deeds of Industry may well be as important as the “GOSPEL OF DEMOCRACY”.

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