NY Governor Blind With Anger

I don’t know about you, but for some time I’ve felt that Saturday Night Live was out of control.  Maybe their humor goes over my head, but I think it’s more like what Ice T said at Flavor Flav’s Roast, “Black folks…we don’t play like that!”  I never did like the fact that the cast always had one lone token black person on staff.  The only time I can recall when that wasn’t a bad thing was when Eddie Murphy was the star of the show.  When he was a cast member, token is a title that could never be attributed to him.

Now, we have them poking fun at New York’s governor, disability and all.  Is nothing sacred?  They have him fumbling around at the news desk discussing his thoughts on Caroline Kennedy taking Hilary Clinton’s seat in the Senate.   But, then, they use innuendo to touch on his past infidelity and bluntly associate his cocaine use with Richard Pryor.  I think the man has plenty of grounds for his anger.  They should’ve let it go after they hit pay dirt with Palin.  You be the judge:

One thought on “NY Governor Blind With Anger”

  1. I liked the article. However my comment is the same as with Kwame in Detroit when in the public eye everything you do is under scrutiny and if you can’t take a joke (definately from SNL who is known for poking fun) you either shouldn’t be in public service or you should be clean and stay clean as a whistle.

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