Ever Heard of Rent-A-Womb?


 The economy has everyone inventing newer, more creative ways of making money.  Some people might call this woman crazy.  Some people might say having babies for other people who can’t is simply the business of a surrogate, but somehow this story doesn’t really sound like that.  A woman in Belgium is being accused of selling her children…not for crack…but for liposuction.  Not that crack is the acceptable option, just the more usual instance we’ve heard here in the U.S. 

This woman has five children already, so anything after that appears to be for sale.  She got on the Internet and attracted desperate couples to come to her “sperm parties.”  Once you get to her “gathering”, you’d have a “spot of tea” and she’d head upstairs for the “injection” of her client’s sperm.  If it doesn’t work once, she can keep charging you to come back and try again.  Then, she produces the babies, gets paid, and move on to the next customer.  Well, someone didn’t do their math and doubled booked the, um, womb.   Read here, hopefully her kids are not the wiser of why mommy’s been going upstairs with Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Rupert.

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