Dishin’ Dirt on Madonna, T-Boz and Carmelo Anthony…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Madonna and Guy

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have come to a settlement that will leave Guy $76 MILLION dollars richer.  According to my sources, Guy will walk away with $76 million dollars and the couple’s Ashcombe Estate.  Rumor had it that Guy requested very little from the break up with the exception of having access to his kids.  Madonna willingly gave him the $76 million, the estate and a pub the two owned.  This is one of the biggest divorce settlements in history.  Paul McCartney paid Heather Mills a fraction of that.


Side Bar: A-Rod must have the CHRONIC if Madonna willingly gave Guy $76 million dollars to go about his business.  Y’all know you were thinking the same thing.  Nuff said…


Y’all T-Boz done came out and addressed the “foreclosure” situation.  According to T-Boz, when she was married to Mack 10, she had a lot of things put in her name that she is still going to court to get cleared up.  Mind you, they have been divorced for five years.  To set the record straight, T-Boz is not broke.  The home she resides in with her daughter Chase, although not in her name, is not in foreclosure.

Side Bar-T-Boz, if you are out there, that still does not excuse the rocking of the blonde side burns in 2008 that you done had since 1991. I’m just sayin’ can a sista try a bob or a flip?  Hell, can you give braids a try?  Is the color negotiable?

LaLa, Kiyan and Carmelo

Okay y’all, has an article dated December 9, titled “At Home with Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez.”  In the article they focus on the beauty of their home and their 21 month old son.  The article and photos are really nice, but of course, after reading some of the comments it became obvious that there are some haters out there.  I just want to say this to all of the “LaLa Haters”…get over it!  So what she wants to shack up with her “baby daddy” and not require him to make her an honest woman.  If she is happy with being his “fiancé” for four years and blessing him with a son, then so be it.  She does not have to require him to give her the proper title of his wife if she does not want to!  She is grown!  Hell, she is FIVE YEARS “growner” than Carmelo (and she looks errr bit of it.)  Let her do her thug thizzle!  Nuff said…

Stevie Wonder

Okay, this ain’t got nothing to do with nothing, but why did someone tell me that Stevie Wonder was going to audition for next season’s “Dancing With The Stars?”  Okay, all I want to know is who he’s gonna pick to be his dance partner.  Nuff said…

Holla back at your girl!



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