Cadillac Records Premiere Photo Gallery

We’re going to singlehandedly help Cadillac Records box office success.  So far, it seems as though the movie theaters have to do some kind of promotion to get moviegoers into the theaters to see the film.  It’s an amazing cast, yet the first weekend the movie was out it didn’t even break $5 million.  Is it something about period movies that just do not interest us?  They normally don’t do well, but phenomenally, Dreamgirls enjoyed box office success of over $100 million.  And now that we are in the Tyler Perry era, we have proof that we can jump the crucial opening weekend hurdle with black dollars.  So, in case it’s just a marketing issue and you didn’t know it opened almost two weeks ago on December 5, check out the pictures from the premiere of the film to get in the groove:  

Jay-BJay-B smilingJay-ZMos Def, Jeffrey Wright, Adrian Brody, BeyonceBeyonce’s dress (with tail)BeyonceTina KnowlesBeyonce close-upBeyonce and MomNe-YoAkonJeffrey WrightColumbus ShortCedric the Entertainer

Mos DefP. DiddyP. Diddy (close-up)Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union with MomGabrielle Union (close-up)Gabrielle Union

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