Dishin’ Dirt on Michael Vick, T-Boz and the “Fake” Housewives of Atlanta…

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Michael Vick

Here is the dirt…The Virginia house owned by Michael Vick cannot be sold even for a steal of a price.  The home is where the infamous dog fighting took place and to no surprise, no one wants to purchase the “dog house.”  After Vick was indicted, the dude who purchased the 4600 sq. foot home originally wanted to sell it for a milli, but with the real estate market being what it is, he set the minimum bid at 590K.  However, that may not be enough of a price reduction to get folks interested in buying the former NFL player’s former digs.  They had a few folks show up at the auction minus the required 20K cashier’s check, but it is my guess that they were just being nosey.  Y’all know how we do.  If I was in the area…I would have showed up too.  Nuff said…

Jennifer Anniston

My favorite “Friend” done stripped down for the cover of GQ Magazine.  Okay, I have to admit that I absolutely LOVED the NBC sitcom “Friends” (especially, the episode with Ross and the leather pants).  Aww hell, since I’m confessing I may as well come clean, I loved “Seinfeld” too, but that don’t mean that I ain’t still down.  I still got my “Jet” on the coffee table and I watch reruns of “Girlfriends” religiously.  Anyway, Jennifer Aniston posed butt azz naked for the January cover of GQ and homegirl looks FABULOUS!  I just hope that I look that fabulous when I turn 39…in around 10 or 15 years.

The Blair House

And the hate just keeps on going.  Rumor has it that President-elect Obama requested to move into the Blair house 10 days before the inauguration because his girls were starting school.  But, GW’s (Bush, that is) team denied his request saying that the house was already booked for several parties and receptions.  The Blair House is the official guest residence across from the White House.  Allegedly, the Obama camp is cool with the non-compliance to their request.

Side Bar-I just have one question…what budget is the money for these “gatherings” coming from?  Nuff said…


Dayum, Dayum, Dayum!!  First Wyclef, then Damon Dash, then Fantasia, now T-Boz!  TMZ is reporting that my girl T-Boz (formerly) of TLC done lost her house!  The 10,000 square foot home is up for auction January 2009.  Apparently T-Boz defaulted on the 530K mortgage and now the state done confiscated her crib.  Y’all we should have known something was up when she was still rockin’ them same blonde sideburns from 1991!!  Poor baby…

Side Bar-I love T-Boz and all, but why didn’t she pay off the house when TLC was on top.  Surely after the birth of Destiny’s Child, she didn’t think that they would be on top forever.  I’m just sayin’…

Lisa Wu-Hartwell

NeNe, Lisa and Kim

Okay y’all, I cannot get enough of the “FAKE” Housewives of Atlanta.  They get more comical by the minute.  How about I was reading in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Lisa Wu-Hartwell did not know any of her co-hosts prior to the taping of the show!  So my question is this…why was she so loyal to Sheree?  These broads didn’t even know each other!  Not only was their “friendship” a farce, but Kim AKA “The Liar”, has lied…AGAIN!  Dallas Austin has come out and said that he is NOT working on a CD with Kim and that she was the one who spread that RIDICULOUS rumor.   

Side Bar-I cannot wait until next season.  These chicks were comical!

Holla back at your girl…




2 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Michael Vick, T-Boz and the “Fake” Housewives of Atlanta…”

  1. What’s up hey I just read ur blog and this stuff ur reporting bout t boz and atl house wive did u do research @ all if u need a help and hand I can giv u that but atl house wive let it b known multi times that she didn’t kno none of the ladies besides sheree
    … and Tboz gave a interview explaining what happend she don’t live in that house and she know nothing bout it being forclosed she explain after her marriage its a lot of things that’s she have 2 get resolve ie her ex husband mack 10 must put this crib in her name since they was wife and husband…… if u can hit me back let me kno what u think bout my comments oh and I’m guessing after kim broke up wit big poppa austin cut ties wit her

  2. Hello, Luv ur blog. I guess you guys will have haters leaving you messages too. Keep up the good work. I don’t know how anyone who doesn’t edit their own response can be of much help to you!!

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