Russia Goes Hitler



When you think of Russia what crosses your mind?  Cold war?  Communism? U.S. competitor for Super Power?  Vodka?  Right?  So, why shouldn’t you send your child there for an education?  (Obviously, I’m being facetious here.)  But, on the other hand, you really don’t hear about any problems with the educational foreign exchange programs…until now.  There was a young African American man stabbed in the chest by one lone assailant while he was en route to a busstop, according to the mother of the victim.  Now Russia doesn’t want any trouble from this.  They have not called this incident a hate crime, but his mother is sure that ” it happened because he is a person of color.”  The police department has given a different story, that sounds a bit more like a hate crime than what the mother described.  They might wanna shutup and let her tell the story because they didn’t make things any better.  Read here while we make a few calls to the Kremlin for some answers.  If anybody knows something about this it’s the KGB.

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