No More “Scores” for the Boys


 Anyone hear “Taps” playing in the background?  Usually when you hear that song, someone didn’t survive.  In this case, a lot of someones didn’t survive.  Women all over the country are jumping for joy though.  Scores, the famous “gentleman’s” club in New York City is calling it quits.  They are experiencing the same problems as those European brothels we reported on earlier in the week.  It sounds like a bad joke doesn’t it?  “Maaan, the economy is so bad, I can’t even afford to cheat on my wife!”  Plenty of women, strippers and wives alike, are happy.  Some are happy because they can get a break from the pole burns and others because there boyfriends and/or husbands will have no place else to go but to the next Tyler Perry film with them.  Read here while we see who’s giving a fundraiser to save the place.

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