You Can Book A Fight At Chuck E. Cheese?


Chuck E. Cheese has officially changed their slogan from the place “Where a kid can be a kid” to the place “Where a parent can be a kid.”  If you have children, you know all about what really goes down at CEC.  The place can turn into a tension-filled, glare fest at the drop of a hat.  The innocent bystanders that come to the place (those without kids) are drawn there either by a friend’s birthday party for their kid or the adrenaline rush from the charged atmosphere of parents forced into this relatively small space to fight for their kid’s survival and entertainment simultaneously.

Lately, reports have surfaced about the violence that goes down in the family entertainment establishment.    In Wisconsin, every soccer mom and dad are showing up for the latest throwdown they can get.  A CEC in Brookfield, has had authorities called out “12 times” for altercations since last year; something the Wall Street Journal is reporting as more than any other restaurant in the area.  They had a regular bar room brawl back in April with 40 people involved.  You go here and read the story while I find out if we can get CEC on Pay-Per-View.

4 thoughts on “You Can Book A Fight At Chuck E. Cheese?”

  1. Oh my God! I didn’t even know they sold alcohol at Chuck E Cheese. I feel bad for the children who actually seen grown folks behaving like animals. You wonder why are kids are so messed up now. As I was reading the article, I was waiting to see Detroit in the mix, but not to my surprise, it was Flint, MI…..close enough. 80 people were envolved. That’s worse than a club fight. Chuck E Cheese is fun place for kids, not a bar.

  2. lmao @ You go here and read the story while I find out if we can get CEC on Pay-Per-View.

    good one, JC

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