Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Not A Scapegoat

Jesse Jackson Jr.

 Here we go again!  The white man did it, so they find the nearest black man to point a finger at.  The latest scandal with the Illinois governor making backroom deals on Obama’s empty Senator seat should focus on him and not use distractions or scapegoats to get him off the hot seat.  So far, blame is being reportedly spread around instead of directly hitting the governor and giving the most diligent investigation solely focused on him. 

How many times have we heard cases of white men being the culprit, yet, because of the media manufactured stereotype of black men, a white person can be believed instantly when they point the finger at a black man as the culpable party in the crime.  Well, Jesse Jackson Jr. is not the black man that you can point at and hang arbitrary offenses on.  He’s built a reputation in the state as an upstanding politician as well as served as co-chair on Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.  Why would he have to make promises and pay people to get himself considered for Barack’s senate seat?  Read here to see how officials are handling the other Jesse.

2 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Not A Scapegoat”

  1. “Why would he have to make promises and pay people to get himself considered for Barack’s senate seat?”

    Exactly. He wouldn’t. It doesn’t even make sense. Someone is trying to railroad him. I’m glad he did the press conference yesterday–hopefully that will shut some folks up.

  2. Are you kidding me ? black ,brown,yellow, puerto rican or hatian…this is not a race issue…Cook County is the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state in the country…EVERYONE is corrupt….There is proof his people tried to buy the seat…its not manufactured…problem is…its going to keep flowing all the way up to Obama…hes the same…I just hope he was smart enough to cover his tracks…this is going down….rohm emmanual…pffft….

    WHY did he do it… because he knew he wasnt getting the seat without paying for it….he press conference when he was talking about his lil sister was comical…shes 33 not 6…

    what sucks is that he was probably the best of the pot…this is going to get ugly…

    Jackson was only well respected by fellow criminals…he talks a good game like Obama…but like Obama…he never did a thing for the people…just for himself…

    ever wonder why Obama never had his local people talk about him? they hate him….same with Jackson

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